Charter of Catholic Guiding

Catholic guides’ charter “The liberating education propounded by the guide method induces the ability to accept full responsability as the integral development of each person.”

Article 1

Guiding, in accordance with the intentions of its Founder Baden-Powell, leads young people to become the artisans of their own development, and its methods stimulate the maturity of the individual and of communities. It is because of this that Catholics recognize the values of the Gospel in the fundamentally liberating education propounded by the Guide method. This liberating education is able to induce the ability to accept full responsibility as well as the integral development of each individual.

Article 2

The experience lived out by a Guide group is an awakening of the individual to herself, to the world and to the spiritual dimensions enriching to both.

In this way, Guiding can become a sphere providing an authentic revelation of Jesus Christ. This evangelization takes place at the very heart of Guiding, through its programmes, activities, community involvement and active pedagogies, through the personnal adherance and life testimony to which it gives rise.

Catholic Guides live out of their Christian commitment and quest alongside their Guides. By sharing their life, they provide the Guides with the conditions needed to bring into being a community in which the Word of God is known, welcomed, lived and celebrated.

This task is carried out in collaboration with priests who share this process based on the specific approach of their ministry in the Church. It is for the Guiders a concrete way of living their Faith and of increasing it in playing their part in the mission which Jesus Christ entrusted to His Church . They have their place therefore within the apostolate of the laity.

Article 3

The unity of World Guiding is of great value because of its diversity. Membership in the World Association of Girl Guides and Girl Scouts provides a privileged meeting place of all social origins, all races, all nations and all religions or spiritual beliefs. To build unity effectively, Catholics bring to the World Association the values which characterize the community life of a baptized person.

In order to do this, they need specific places and times in which to define the pathways leading to the revelation of Jesus Christ in a person’s life, to come face to face with the requirements and questionings of their Faith, and to celebrate through the sacraments the mistery of the death and resurection of Jesus. In this way, the Church lived out together is demonstrated in communion with the universal Church.

Article 4

The circumstances and characteristics of the National Organization, and the guidelines of the local Church differ from one country to the other. Catholics who live Guiding, being conscious of the community aspects of their Faith, must establish in dialogue on the one hand with their bishops, and on the other with their association, those conditions most favorable to their education as defined in Point 2 of this Charter.

Article 5

I.C.C.G. is a call from the Church to live a life of communion, to deepen Faith and to share Christian experience.
– it participates in the life of the Universal Church, particularly as an International Catholic Organization (I.C.O.) by offering its own experiences and receiving those of others;
– it ensures that the world of young people is represented witrhin the Church;
– it paticipates in the evolution and deepening of the spiritual values of Guiding through the dialogue between Catholics and non-Catholics, believers and nonbelievers.